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Lachesis [userpic]

Because I believe that people who read make the best writers. :)


The 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards

After two successful years of exploring Filipino Unrealism through prose fiction and comics, the Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards opens its third with a new category: short film.

All Filipino citizens may send their original entries in the prose fiction, comics, and short film categories to any Fully Booked branch.

The winning prose and comics entries will be compiled and published by Fully Booked, with a foreword by Neil Gaiman. All winning short films will be screened on awarding day.


1. Submissions must be given or delivered before or on September 30, 2008, with a duly accomplished application form and resume, to be sealed inside a legal size letter envelope with the heading, "3rd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards." All submissions should be given or delivered to:

Fully Booked Customer Service
Fully Booked
Bldg 6, 902 Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City
1634 Taguig City

Only 1 submission per envelope (for those submitting to all three categories). Application forms may be downloaded in the Events page.

2. The contest is open to all Filipino citizens, even those who may be in a foreign country at the time, so long as they are still legal citizens, except current officers and employees of Fully Booked and the contest's sponsors.

3. All submissions must be in English except for the short film category, which may be in English or Filipino with English subtitles.

4. There are three categories: comics, prose fiction and short film. Contestants may join in all categories, and collaborations are allowed; however, each contestant may only submit and/or be involved with only one (1) submission per category.

5. Submissions must not have been awarded by another body or published in a national publication. Submissions to the short film category must not have been exhibited commercially, locally or internationally.

6. All submissions must be original. No adaptations of produced / published / copyrighted material are allowed. All intellectual property rights of submissions must belong to the author/s and director/s. Fully Booked and its sponsors shall be exempt from any and all liability in the event that the submission is said to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of another existing work. All rights revert to respective authors and directors, but FULLY BOOKED maintains/reserves the right to publish submissions without permission / approval / compensation.

7. a. PROSE - Submissions must fall under the genres of science fiction, fantasy and/or horror. Stories may not exceed seven thousand (7,000) words. Submissions must include four (4) hard copies, typewritten or computerized (preferably computerized). Submissions should be double-spaced on letter-size bond paper (8 1/2 X 11 inches), with approximately one-inch margin on all sides. Fonts should be Arial or Times New Roman and the font size should be 12. The author/s' name and address must not appear on the submission or any of its pages. Every page must contain the title of the work and must be numbered consecutively (e.g. 1 of 20, 5 of 15 and so on). The submission must include one (1) soft copy on a CD-ROM (files should be in .rtf [Rich Text Format]).

b. COMICS - For Comics, the theme is open (non-fiction is allowed). Twelve (12) pages is the maximum length. All submissions should be in black and white. Contestants may use any media they wish. No signatures/names must appear on any of the pages. Submissions must include four (4) hard copies (letter-size bond paper [8 1/2 X 11 inches]) and one (1) soft copy on CD-ROM (files should be in .jpg format, with art scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi); no original art must be submitted.

c. SHORT FILM - Submissions must fall under the genres of science fiction, fantasy and/or horror. The production of the short film must be in 2008, it should not exceed 20 minutes (including credits) and must be submitted in a digital video format (DVD). This category is open to professionals, however, no corporate financing is allowed.

8. Fully Booked has no obligation to return submissions.

9. In case submissions from overseas win, an authenticated copy of the Authorization Form by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate will be required.

10. The Board of Judges shall have the discretion, not to award any prize if, in its judgment, no worthy submission has been entered.

12. Fully Booked has the sole right to designate the persons who shall constitute the Board of Judges in each of the contest categories. The decision of the majority of the Board of Judges in all categories shall be final.

13. All rules and guidelines of the contest must be followed STRICTLY. Non-compliance will subject the submission to immediate disqualification.

For any questions or clarifications, please email us at philgraphicfiction@fullybookedonline.com

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Lachesis [userpic]

(1) Hello, Promotions team. My name is Tala Wong, I'm the Promotions
VP for LitSoc. Please add my YM ID: soundtrackd. My contact
number is 09277036158. My current favorite game is Diablo 2: Lord of
Destruction, and yes, I am excited about Diablo 3.


(2) There are around 15 of us, and more committee members means more
schedules to juggle. So as much as possible, many of our Promotions
meetings will be conducted online, via the joy that is YM
conferencing. I will specify a time/date at least two days in advance;
RSVP via YM/text.

Should we have a real-life meeting (and where you all find out I'm bad
with names and faces), I will also specify a date, venue, and time a
week before the actual meeting.

(3) Man is a visual creature, so major Promotions projects right now
involve a lot of designing. The biggest thing we have on our plate is
LitSoc merchandise (T-shirts, canvas bags, buttons, stickers, and
caps), long-awaited and long-delayed. This is our only independent
project, and one whose products last long after org events have
passed, so I'd like to see this through.

(3a) As early as now, I need design ideas for T-shirts, canvas bags,
buttons, stickers, and caps, so we can have them made before
my term ends the De la Costa booksale next month, and
the planned bookfair in December.

They do not need to be elaborate pieces of art. The focus of our org
is literature/reading, so remember that less is more. Use words to
create a message. The LitSoc logo can be located at:
http://img501.imageshack.us/img501/1998/litsoclogond0.png and the
org's motto this year is 'Keep reading.'

If you wish to submit designs for any of the aforementioned
merchandise, please e-mail submissions to
patricia.ysabel.wong@gmail.com, at the highest resolution

(3b) Does anyone know of a place that prints shirts/caps/bags,
buttons, and stickers on the cheap? Please give me store names,
contact numbers, locations.

(4) Apart from the Yahoo groups, there is also a LitSoc LJ community
(http://keepreading.livejournal.com) and a Multiply account
(http://litsoc.multiply.com). Please add those up if you have LJ or
Multiply accounts.

All org promotional videos can be found at:

(5) Lastly, if you have an idea for promotions (How can we market the
org?/ How can we bring more notoriety...er, attention, to the org?),
feel free to IM or text me.

Huge wall of text, I know. But all important. And numbered!

Tala Wong
LitSoc Promotions VP

Lachesis [userpic]

Lachesis [userpic]

Hello, friends.

This is Angela, Formations VP. I had originally intented for us to have the first Formations Session on Friday, July 18th, 2008 (yes, I already have a topic. Yes, I already did the research). But seeing that I am not fully acquainted with everyone who wants to join the Formations Committee, I am reluctant to push-thru on the aforementioned date.

So for those who will be joining the Formations Committee, let me brief you on what to expect. We will be doing substantial research on certain topics (by substantial I don't mean thesis level... unless you want to). Also, I am not too demanding when it comes to meetings because I understand that we may have different schedules and other things to tie up our time. However, we will have at least one short meeting before any Formations Session. This is to secure order and cohesion in our researches. But on a regular basis, I will settle for YM conferences. Tasks will be divided among us. And your subjective, relevant insights will be appreciated.

Lastly, to those part of the Formations Committee, please add my YM ID and kindly introduce yourself as you do: angelamendoza13.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Angela M. Mendoza
Ateneo de Manila University
053839 AB-Literature
Literary Society Formations VP; Bakbakan Int'l

Lachesis [userpic]

LitSoc's first GA will be held on JULY 9, 2008 (That's a Wednesday, kids), at CTC 206.
Get to know your ExeCom (family!), learn LitSoc's activities for the year, join a committee (HR, Promotions, Marketing, and Formations), play games, get some fresh Homer-cooked food (just like your big fat Greek mama made!).

Bring protective headgear and eyewear. Seriously.

And everyone who hasn't paid for the application fee, this is just a reminder to please do it at the GA.

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Lachesis [userpic]

As if you haven't had enough of it. Video #2 from the LitSoc ExeCom, but mostly by JP, the Formations head.

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Lachesis [userpic]

If you guys have any questions regarding upcoming events (apart from when and where they will be), here's the contact info for the Execom members:

Contact #/s: 09178548805
Y!M: great_dm_falner
LJ: hamster_friend

Contact #/s:
Y!M: jen_islykagoddess

Contact #/s: 09209148156
Y!M: etoileunefou
LJ: tala_at_buwan

Contact #/s: 09164301397
Y!M: angelamendoza13

Contact #/s: 09277036158
Y!M: soundtrackd
LJ: batongbituin

Contact #/s: 09175308073
Y!M: treadstone1987
LJ: staykool

Contact #/s: 09178466527
Y!M: ultra_arvin
LJ: ultra_arvin

This will especially come in handy when everyone is in their respective departments and need to contact their chieftains. Don't forget to identify yourself when you do text, and say that you are a LitSoc member, and are of (insert department here).

But for inquiries prior to the first GA, no need to mention the last.

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Lachesis [userpic]

Since you're reading this, you must have seen the crazy videos we were showing during RecWeek at Colayco Pavilion, and have decided to join LitSoc. A wise decision.

Welcome to the LitSoc LJ, where we'll be posting announcements regarding all future LitSoc events/activities (such as GAs, booksale dates, or new ExeCom videos), so join the community and keep posted.

Other links of interest:

Proseb4Hos: The LitSoc Youtube account
Where all manner of LitSoc videos (announcing GAs, or for other promotional purposes) will be uploaded.
The Official LitSoc Multiply
Where pictures from LitSoc events will be put up.

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